"Soldiers and Officers!
On the 17th of June 1953, the workers of Berlin rose in protest. They rose against the Communist regime. In two days the uprising covered the entire zone. In panic, the government sent out tanks against the workers. Heeding the call of the NTS, the tankers refused to shoot the revolutionists. We understand the plight of the Germans. They were waiting for us to come to their rescue and help them get back their Fatherland.
The attempted uprising of the 17th of June was not is vain. At this moment, in the Eastern Zone, there is again a stormy situation. A general uprising is liable to break out at any moment. It is our duty to support them.
Don’t shoot into the revolutionists! Join with them in their struggle against the common enemy - the Communist regime.
The union of the German fighters and our own soldiers is a good assurance of victory in the struggle of our own and of the German people.
Long Live the Peoples Revolution!”
Signed by “The Revolutionary Staff of the NTS”

The second message in German:
“Germans, Friends!
The NTS is a Russian revolutionary organization, and is fighting the Communist regime. The NTS is addressing itself in Russian text to the Soviet soldiers.
The NTS is appealing to the Soviet soldiers for a new uprising in the zone, not to shoot at the Germans, but to unite with them. Only the union of the Russians and the Germans guarantees a successful uprising, and brings freedom to both nations.
Help spread this leaflet."
A trident, a three pronged fork, is shown; the symbol of the NTS. This represents the workers, farmers, and intellectuals in the new national revolution.